Our Ranger Russetts are prized by commerical users and by individual grocery shoppers.

Our russet varieties are prized by commercial users.

Located in Oregon's Columbia Basin - widely regarded as the world's premier potato-growing region - Threemile Canyon Farms is a leader in high quality potato production.

Each year we produce more than 230,000 tons of high quality potatoes - enough to satisfy the annual average consumption of four million people.

Consumers all over the world enjoy our potatoes when they eat French fries from restaurants or other food-service outlets.

What sets us apart?

We start with the best seed potatoes, grown exclusively at our 1,500-acre Grand Ronde Seed Farm near La Grande, Oregon. Then we use leading-edge irrigation, soil-improvement and integrated pest-management practices to minimize the need for crop protectants.

Harvesting a row of potatos

We grow a variety of potatoes including Premier Russet, organic Yukon Gold, Ranger, Russet Burbank, organic Pikes, Umatilla, Shepody and organic Alturas.

Our farm also uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology during our potato planting season. The GPS system on our potato planting equipment allows us to eliminate tillage passage, helping minimize soil erosion.

GPS technology used during potato planting

We put a potato field in production only every four years - in contrast to the industry standard of every three years. This extended rotation cycle prevents disease from building up in the soil and further enhances the quality of our potatoes. And finally, our onsite "bruise-free" graders and innovative worker-incentive bonuses encourage the highest level of "bruise free" harvesting.

Our 7,700 acres of potatoes are processed in the nearby towns of Boardman and Hermiston. They are made into French fries for use by restaurants and other food-service providers. We also supply organic potatoes for well-regarded specialty frozen products that are sold in natural-food and grocery stores.

The International connection

RDO-Calbee Foods, LLC is a joint venture between RD Offutt Foods (RDO) of Fargo, North Dakota and Calbee snacks of Tokyo, Japan. RDO is the largest potato grower in the US, with food processing plants in 5 states. Calbee is the second largest snack food company in the world with market dominance in Japan and Asia. These two companies have come together to leverage their expertise by forming a joint venture company.

RDO Calbee plant: New employment opportunities at Port of Morrow

RDO Calbee plant: New employment opportunities at Port of Morrow.

Threemile Canyon Farms supplies potatoes year round to RDO-Calbee Foods in Boardman. RDO-Calbee Foods processes and exports the frozen product to Calbee plants in Japan and Asia. Calbee plants finish and package this product as Jagabee brand snacks for the Asian market. The Boardman plant has a key role in the future growth and plans for Calbee.