Just one of our fields of our Organic corn.

Inspecting Organic corn, one of our many organic crops.

Threemile Canyon Farms continues to expand production of certified organic crops, helping to develop this high-value Oregon agricultural niche. We provide retail and industrial customers with a dependable - and economical - supply of organic produce. Our organic crops include carrots, corn, onions, peas, alfalfa, triticale and potatoes.

Our farm is ideally suited to be a key supplier to specialty grocers and regional producers of organic products. Our green farming ethic combines crop and milk production. As a result, nutrient-rich dairy manure is recycled into natural fertilizer and compost that enhances the soil and feeds the crops, efficiently producing top-quality produce without the use of crop protectants.

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

Our organic acreage is certified by Oregon Tilth, a USDA-accredited agency, and has grown to 5,200 acres since our farms inception. Even on our conventional fields, we use organic growing techniques and have dramatically reduced our use of crop protectants.

Onion harvest

Our organic onions

Threemile Canyon Farms' organic operation helps both prominent regional and national brands. Our organic potatoes are used in well-regarded specialty products that are sold in natural-food and other grocery stores. We supply our organic carrots and organic onions to both local and regional companies. Northwest farms use our organic feed. Our pastures provide forage for cattle owned by a Northwest business, whose natural beef is featured both regionally and nationally.

Carrot harvest

Our organic carrots

'We continue to refine our organic farming practices each year and expand the high-quality organic products that our customers have come to rely on.'