Our dairy is part of a closed-loop system that combines milk and crop production.

Threemile Canyon Farms' dairy operation blends high-technology production with environmental stewardship to produce more than 1.4 million pounds (170,000 gallons) of milk daily which is delivered to local processor. Our dairy is part of a closed-loop system that combines milk and crop production so harmoniously it has been acknowledged as a national model for sustainable farming by Sustainable Northwest.

Our dairy operation offers:

  • Zero artificial growth hormones: Our cows are not injected with rBST or any other artificial growth hormones to increase production, allowing us to satisfy the growing consumer interest in rBST-free dairy products.
  • High quality milk: Our 24,000-cow Jersey and Holstein herd provides milk that is richer in butterfat and valued by cheese makers.
  • Balanced diet: Our cows are fed no animal by products. The dairy herd is fed a balanced ration of commodities raised on the farm - alfalfa and other feed crops - supplemented with culls, peelings and other leftovers from processing the farm's potato, onion and sweet corn crops.
  • Herd oversight: To ensure herd quality, we raise our own replacement dairy cows in our 4,500-calf nursery. We have 25,000 replacement heifers on the farm. Every cow is tagged and tracked in our computerized database, which contains detailed health history records on each animal. This provides our customers with accurate life-cycle information for the entire herd.

To make sure that our milk and related dairy practices are held to the highest standards, we receive certification from independent sources including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Our farm has also voluntarily participated in Validus animal welfare certification. This independent company uses a detailed assessment and audit process that follows stringent animal welfare guidelines to ensure socially responsible on-farm practices. Threemile Canyon Farms participates in four Validus animal welfare audits annually and has scored above 95% on its animal health.